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Minimal Incision Surgery

A new corrective procedure...

No one likes the thought of walking around with a pebble in his or her shoe or feeling as though one were stepping on a tack with each stride. After going to the foot doctor, you find out that the annoying corn or callus can possibly be corrected with surgery. And then, you start having all of those bad thoughts and fear stricken reservations as to the very idea of foot surgery. Well, put those fears aside because in most cases, there is a new procedure available, which offers many advantages.

Less pain, swelling, and disability...

Minimal incision surgery (MIS) is a specialized technique of surgery, which involves very small incisions instead of traditional approaches. The procedure itself, usually involves less pain, swelling, and disability for the patient. After surgery, the patient can usually leave the office wearing his or her own shoes with only a small operative dressing. As an outpatient procedure, the entire procedure takes but a few minutes and is completely painless. Another added benefit is that due to the small size of the incision, it is often difficult to find the surgical scar once healing is complete.

Fewer inconveniences and complications...

It is indeed exciting to offer this up-to-date technology to our patients. In essence, this technique allows us to provide a painless procedure with reduced post-operative inconveniences and complications for everyday foot problems. We have the expertise and the special instrumentation necessary to perform these procedures. In addition to teaching other foot doctors these specialized techniques, we have even written and produced a short video movie on its benefits. We encourage you to ask us for more information on this topic if you have such a problem and allow us to discuss with you the benefits of minimal incision surgery.

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