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Diabetic Shoe Program

New Medicare program...

A wonderful program is now available for diabetic patients on Medicare with certain qualified clinical conditions. Once your foot specialist has determined that you qualify as a candidate, you will be afforded the opportunity to receive a specially selected pair of shoes with custom inserts on a yearly basis. The best news of all is that the government subsidizes this program, which means that you pay nothing with the possible exception of a co-pay or deductible.

A simple and convenient process...

The procedure for obtaining these shoes is taken care of entirely at your foot specialist's office. A careful set of foot measurements are taken by a trained assistant and you, as the patient, select from various samples, the shoe type of your choice. Once the necessary paper work is completed, the involved information is forwarded to the professional lab who then takes care of filling the order. The overall process is simple, non-time consuming, and certainly worthwhile. In a short couple of weeks, you will b e notified by the office to set up an appointment for shoe fitting and dispensing.

Extra comfort and quality construction...

The shoes are specially designed to house the diabetic foot in that they provide ample room in the forefoot, are constructed of good quality materials, and have extra depth to allow for the customized inserts. They are available in assorted sizes, colors, and construction types such as lace and Velcro. Various modifications can also be made by your foot specialist if necessary, to assure a proper fit. For those diabetic patients covered by Medicare who qualify for this program, a wonderful opportunity is now available. If you want further information or have questions regarding the Diabetic Shoe Program, please contact our office for assistance.

For further information, please contact our office.
(734) 699-2400

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