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Special Topics - Total Ankle Replacement

There are a variety of conditions that can lead to ankle joint deterioration resulting in pain, reduced range of motion, and decreased quality of life. Those conditions include forms of arthritis, bone degeneration, and injury. As a treatment option, conservative treatments included bracing and surgery which may involve ankle replacement and ultimately ankle fusion.

For certain qualified patients, ankle replacement with an ankle implant provides an excellent alternative to fusion allowing the patient to maintain an active lifestyle and significant reduction of pain and ankle joint. It is a bone-conservative and joint preserving approach. Until recently, there were limited options for ankle replacement in the United States.

Dr. Jeffrey Yung is especially trained and experienced in the treatment for a painful arthritic and unstable ankles utilizing total ankle replacement with ankle implants. If you suffer from a painfully arthritic ankle which has compromised your quality of life, total ankle replacement may be a viable option.

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